3 Reasons To Bring In A Motivational Speaker To Get Your Team Going

If you are a small business owner, you likely have a team of people that look to you for leadership. But providing inspiration is often easier said than done. If you would like to get your team fired up for your next project but don't know where to begin, one idea could be to bring in some outside help. Hiring a professional motivational or leadership speaker might be just the thing you need to get your employees amped up and ready to go. [Read More]

Two Tips For Temp Agency Success

Working for a temp agency is not only a great way to find a job and get working quickly, it is also an excellent way to survey the job market in a particular area. A temporary staffing agency is also a great way to "try" on jobs to see if they are a good fit for you, your skills, and your personality. Here are two tips to keep in mind when considering registering with a temp agency. [Read More]

What You Should Know About Job Recruiters

When you are job hunting, you have several different ways of getting the position you want. You can apply directly to a company via a resume or application, you can go through a website that has listings of jobs in your area, or you can go through a job recruiter. What is a job recruiter and what should you know about them? They Work for the Employer The majority of job recruiters do not work for the person searching for a job; they work for the employer who is looking for a person to fill open positions within their company. [Read More]

Four Ways Your Golf Course Can Save Water During The Hot Season

Keeping golf courses green is no minor feat, especially in the heat of summer. While you can't simply stop watering the grass and plants, there are ways to decrease your water use. Here are four key ways you can reduce water consumption this coming summer. Make sure you're fertilizing properly. Sometimes, golf course caretakers mistake a lack of nutrition for a lack of water. You might assume your golf course needs more water, when really it needs more nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorus. [Read More]